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[edit] SectorSeven.org

SectorSeven.org is the trailhead to an extended experience for the upcoming Transformers movie (or, is it?).

[edit] Latest News

July 6

  • In a seeming 'farewell' message, sciencehottie35 contacted Methusalen through SSS:

Thank you for your continued devotion to the cause. Don't let their lies fool you- this isnt over- the struggle will continue for years. <snip>

July 5

June 27

June 26

  • deceptibot now has a SETI interface available by clicking the background satellite, playing a recorded audio session, capturing a number of suspect audio clips (look for the red strips and click, as the audio plays).
  • deceptibot has a new video transmission from 'bravo team'
  • deceptibot has new counter-intel videos called 'auditions' - commercials featuring Transformer 'actors'; available in the 4th drive
  • The S7 Building Schematics finally have the lower two levels 6 and 7 unlocked (link)

June 24

Simmons, you try my patience!

I have been nothing but accommodating in my cooperation with both you and gravensen but if your stagnant approach to stalling me continues. I will be forced to learn of your location and destroy you.
You and your filth will not stand in my way.

June 14

June 6

May 25

  • A new email was sent to 'Simmons', which included a new counter information ad poster for the movie (and very faintly in the upper right corner branded with "Property of (S7 logo)")

May 17

  • A new movie trailer was released on yahoo movies, wherein was found the next password: codeblack, leading to a new remote client with a new layout, and a few additional items: NBE57 video, an unidentified NBE (the beetle in the parking garage), an Annoyance Memo tracking Agent X's actions, along with his podcasts and some SSS photos, and a new communication from Gravesen

May 12

  • Agent X releases his tenth podcast over iTunes, with photos from two S7 Transformers ground campaigns, of protestors against Sector 7

May 10

  • A counter-information campaign was launched by Chevrolet, in the form of a flash game pairing advertising for the car maker and the movie.

May 2

May 1

  • Simmons (via restricted email) informs S7 Network Security that protocol HK9233 is being initiated - no electronic correspondence.
  • A mass email was sent out to all 'informants' verifying the HK9233 protocol referred to above.

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[edit] Remote Clients

[edit] Misc Goods

  • There is another site that is currently offline -- http://www.vector-sigma.org. This may be intended to go live after 3 July when the movie launches, or for during the rumored Transformers 2 sequel-project (the "Headmasters" storyline)
  • ams707 created a zip file of all the Transformer sounds from the Official movie site, available for download here (1.71 MB)
  • Agent X's podcast series can be found on iTunes under the album "Sector 7 must be stopped", artist "Agent X", or via the podcast feed at http://www.ebucehtdnif.ws/podcast/podcast.xml

[edit] To do list

  • non-s7.org content - emails, ebucehtdnif
  • possible entity names (from the cartoon and other counter-intelligence) showing up in the movie
  • backstory
  • glossary
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