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To: All informants
Date Received: May 1, 2007
To Whom It May Concern:

Due to the increased e-mails, as well as the intrusions into our proprietary systems, our work here at Sector Seven has been slowed to a crawl. We're simply trying to finish our newest computer game software on time, and yet we continue to be inundated with strange queries and comments regarding something called "N.B.E.s" and someone known as "Agent X." We have no idea to whom or to what these terms refer.

As a result of this continuing drain on our resources, we're being forced to shut down our e-mail system for the foreseeable future. Any e-mail sent to us will bounce back. In addition, we're freezing our internal systems until we can eliminate the "hackers" out there who think it's funny to screw around with corporate networks.

If we can complete our work, we think you'll be very satisfied with the result. Thanks for your patience.

The Staff of Sector Seven Industries

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