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[edit] Timeline: Discovery

  • Takara is the company that created the Transformers toy line, beginning in 1983

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[edit] Timeline: February

  • The ad on ESPN.com for the movie flashes the text 'THEFIRST7' in the upper left corner

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[edit] Timeline: March

  • Emailing security@sectorseven.org initially has no response, but apparently puts you on a mailing list. On March 6th received an email from "Sector7Sucks" and later another email from "S7 security".
  • The first email is from a hacker (Agent X) who claims to be responsible for getting us inside. He suggests Dr Howard may be a useful ally, and that more is to come. The email has NBETWO in all caps, which turns out to be the next password to use when accessing the site.
  • The second email is from Sector 7 Security appologizing for the earlier "prank" email, and that they are simply a computer game company and that giant robots aren't real.
  • One Member, Alsray, has started a group of people to act as "Agent". They where to be named as so:
      Agent (Letter of your Choice, other than X)
 Some letter names have been taken already. Right now, these are taken: S, B, P, D, C, Z, and M

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