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The mysteriously undercover Agent X has taken to releasing voice-masked podcasts to the public via iTunes, to help get his message out.


[edit] Podcast #1

Welcome to my podcast. You don't know me but I go by the moniker Agent X. I'm sending these messages out to the public because I want them to know the truth. Your government has been lying to you. What you don't know is that... *static*

Transcribed by -BrotherHalo-

[edit] Podcast #2

This is Agent X. I apologize for the interference. There are certain entities who wish you to remain in the dark. I've done my best to find a secure channel of communications, but my resources are limited. And those of the enemy are vast. This adversary, ? (mine and yours ?), calls himself Sector 7 and his power knows no bounds.

Transcribed by -BrotherHalo-

Comment after ? by D_West

[edit] Podcast #3

This is Agent X. The Sector 7 conspiracy began long before there was a Sector 7. It all started a hundred years ago with the Megaman. Many have died protecting the secret. For it has enabled the United States to become an unrivaled superpower on Earth. But it's not the nations of the Earth we have to worry about. It's the civilizations beyond our solar system. They're on their way and they want to enslave us and take our world for their own. The people must know.

Transcribed by -BrotherHalo-

[edit] Podcast #4

This is Agent X. In 1982, Sector 7 had a major leak. That was the beginning of the disinformation campaign. Look to Takara. There you'll find your answers. They hid the truth in front of our eyes, pacifying us with dolls and television. But the reality is grim. It is arrogance. Sector 7 has decided that we that can't handle what it has become. The only way we can survive is to unite as a world. Against this unseemingly unstoppable force. Look to Takara. And know this. It's truth masquerading as fiction.

Transcribed by -BrotherHalo-

[edit] Podcast #5

We're getting closer. I don't know how much longer I can stay one step ahead of them. If they find me, you'll never hear from me again. Which is why you must pick up the mantle and pursue the truth no matter the consequences. If you continue to sit on your couch lulled in your inactivity by the opiate of games and television shows the world is doomed. The fate of the Earth rests in your hands. You must expose Sector 7.

Transcribed by -BrotherHalo-

[edit] Podcast #6

I was able to elude my pursuers once more. I'm afraid I'm getting too old for the chase. I've discovered the location of their secret headquarters. Look to the man who started it all - Hoover. There you will find their base of operations. That's where they're holding the NBE - the Megaman.

Transcribed by -BrotherHalo-

[edit] Podcast #7

This is Agent X. This is going to be my last transmission for a time. There's something I gotta do to insure my work continues and I can only do it in secret. The next time you hear my voice it will be different. But you'll know it's me. In the meantime, don't let them pull the wool over your eyes again. As a result of my work, the mountain and the man of the ocean have joined forces with Sector 7 to disinform you. Don't believe a word of it, not a word. What you see and hear are nothing compared to the truth. The governement has been lying to you for over a century. The NBEs are real and they're coming to destroy us.

Transcribed by -BrotherHalo-

[edit] Podcast #8

Transcribed by -

[edit] Podcast #9

Transcribed by -

[edit] Podcast #10

Transcribed by -

[edit] OHD2 Event Trailer

The world is being lied to. Spread the truth.

[edit] OHD1 - 1982 Report
The lies began in 1982

They covered it up before, they are doing it again.

[edit] Additional releases
  • Released undated
it continues

Less than three weeks remain until Sector Seven's counter-information campaign culminates in its "big lie." But they remain vulnerable. A friend on the inside has provided me with new material being prepared for circulation. Spread the truth.


You are spreading the truth.


Spread the truth.

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