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[edit] The First Seven

"The First Seven" are a nebulous group of men, assumed to be the founders of Sector Seven

  • Agent X's secret website leads to a page that lists the names of the First 7:
    • Stanford Julius Morehouse
    • Edgar Thibedeau Westfield
    • Neville Octavian Brewster
    • Percy Emerson Whitting
    • Wallace Wilson Clairmont
    • Alistair Jennings Crowther
    • Vance Milhaus Lawson

[edit] Speculation

  • Some have attempted to find a code hidden within the names of the first 7, such as:
    • Using the first letters of each name...
      The appearance of "WWW" and "VML" drew suspicion
      TLD's hidden anagrammatically: NET, CA
      Other words hidden anagrammatically: NBETWO, ASP, JAMESTOWN, BPEC
      • BPEC = Biotechnology Process Engineering Center (an MIT department)
      • JC (also with JAMESTOWN) = Jamestown College
      No resolution as of yet
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