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[edit] Stop Sector Seven

  • SSS is a group set up at as a neutral location to recruit people to help expose Sector Seven and their secret government coverup of NBEs

There are many users of the group at this time, making it very difficult to tell who and what are trusted individuals, and who are simply acting like idiots or pretending to be people they're not, including a number of NBEs. Anything found on SSS should be taken with a grain of salt - be careful who you trust!'

[edit] Possible trusted individuals

[edit] sciencehottie35

strength in numbers (4/10/07 11:28pm)
our strength is in our numbers. This is something Powers, Simmons and the rest of Sector 7 will never understand. They can silence some of us some of the time, but they can't silence us all. There was no Wolrd Wide Web in 1983. Times have changed. Sector 7 must change as well. Show them the power that individuals can create.

more work to be done (4/13/07 12:49pm)
I've been watching you. Good work. I see that you follow instructions well.

But there's much more work to be done. I will give you the details when I can. All I can tell you now is that things have been set in motion that will force our struggle toward a definitive resolution -- one way or the other. I will say one thing: BYEBYEPOWERS.

If you don't hear from me for a while, don't lose hope. There will always be an Agent X.

[edit] takara83
[edit] steve
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