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From: S7 Department of Network Security
To: Agent Alexander Powers
Date Received: Mar. 26, 2007 3:28 (MST)
Our IDS has detected black-hats in the system. They've been inside for some time, using a root kit to replace the binaries in the process table, making them virtually undetectable. Their methods include packet sniffing, Trojan horses (for backdoor access), and port scanning to search out vulnerabilities in the BPDs.

We've also discovered a backdoor password to Agent Snup's CPU and have shut it down. We know there are more such backdoors -- possibly granting access to other computer systems within Sector Seven -- and so we will continue the search.

The specificity of the hacks suggests that social engineering played a role in the infiltration, which would seem to support the theory that Agent X has managed to find an ally within Sector Seven (possibly Snup) or perhaps was himself an employee at some time.

We're awaiting word from Agent Simmons on what to do with Snup. We're holding him in N44E for the time being.

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