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From: S7 Department of Network Security
To: Agent W. Snup
Date Received: Mar. 5, 2007 08:17 (MST)
Subject: Re: AGENT X E-MAIL
We have discovered that the entity calling itself 'Agent X' has infiltrated the Sector Seven e-mail system. This morning, he was able to create a new fully qualified domain address -- which we have now deleted -- and then broadcast a message originating from our internal mail user agent.

At this time, Agent X continues to elude Sector Seven Intelligence and his identity remains a mystery. Covert inquiries into other government agencies suggest that Agent X has been able to infiltrate the mainframes of CIA, FBI, DIA, DOE, and DOD, as well as Sector Seven. In further violation of national security laws, he has begun to disseminate these security codes to the public via the Internet.

Agent X's operations make him a threat to international security. As of today, Agent X is to be considered Sector Seven's public enemy number one. He has been officially marked for NEUTRALIZATION BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

In the mean time, broadcast counter-information via all available channels. This tactic worked well after the 1983 leak as part of Operation: Hungry Dragon.

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