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From: Agent Alexander Powers
To: Dr. Rebecca Howard
CC: Agent W. Snup
Date Received: Feb 26, 2007 21:46 (MST)
Subject: Re: Megaman Digital Sound Files
I'm warning you -- DO NOT SEND THAT MESSAGE.

Sector Seven doesn't run on "feelings." You're a scientist -- you should know that. Sometimes I just don't understand you. I'm starting to think you cheated on your IQ test.

And since when do you think you make policy decisions for Sector Seven? You work for us. You're nothing but a hired gun. I need you to do one thing, develop military technology based on the Megaman's systems. No one wants to hear your "theories" about how to protect the world from an alien invasion. Leave that to the experts, Dr. Howard.

Maybe this is my fault. So let me make this clear -- I am and always have been your superior officer and you will treat me as such. Any other aspects of our relationship are dead and gone. In fact, I wish I'd never made the mistake of giving in to your aggressive advances in the first place.

This discussion is over. Return to the weapon design work I ordered you to complete. If you have trouble doing that, I can have you replaced with one phone call.

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