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From: Dr. Rebecca Howard
To: Agent Alexander Powers
CC: Agent W. Snup
Date Received: Feb 26, 2007 18:33 (MST)
Subject: Megaman Digital Sound Files
My Tiger Team has managed to break through a BPD (firewall) in another section of the Megaman's central non-volatile storage device. I've attached the individual files we've thus far been able to decode and translate. We've done our best to retain the vocal timbre (both spectrum and envelope) as well as the inflections of the speaker.

The subject (whom I'm officially designating N.B.E. Two) appears to be a ferrous-based life-form like the Megaman, though at this time we have no way of verifying that hypothesis.

If an invasion is imminent, we have little hope of fending off attackers who possess such a high level of military technology. Instead, we should seek out allies with similar capabilities, in this case, N.B.E. Two.

To that end, I'm preparing a message to broadcast through SETI's Arecibo Radio Telescope on the "Water Hole" frequencies to avoid synchrotron radiation. The target destination will be, Tau Sagittarii, the origin of the '77 "Wow!" signal. If we can contact N.B.E. Two, we can establish a dialog and hopefully convince him to defend the Earth from his -- and our -- enemies.

see attached audio 1 (link)
see attached audio 2 (link)

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