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From: Agent W. Snup
To: S7 Department of Network Security
Date Received: Feb 16, 2007, 12:48 (MST)
Unauthorized network traffic has increased significantly over the past two weeks, primarily in the form of e-mails from individuals we have been unable to vet. Could be packet sniffers, maybe spoofers, perhaps some sort of AI malware. I suggest monitoring the intrusion prevention system and logging any suspicious activity or other anomaly from now on.

If this has anything to do with Agent X, Powers will want to know about it.


Below are a few of the e-mails we've received thus far:

my code name is "the rabbit".think of me as the voice of reason. i am an ally, to properly study the "threat" you must not only understand its origins, but also it's composition. you must find a way to penitrate its protective armor. don't meirly think destruction. but you must consider the aplications to our homeland defence. how do you think we could possibly be threatened by enemy countrys and terrorist orginizations if we could "transform" our soldiers into armed combat persionel? there is a reason we cannot ask for assistance from forgien governments. they would learn the secrets and we would be at constant war with not only neighboring nations, but also with the invading nemisis. to properly detain the enemy invaders, try short range concusion launchers, in conjunction with a "harpoon" style cannon. they may not be organic but they may have our types of weakness. the artifact your orginisation possesses may be what they have come to retrive. use caution when near it, it may have more harmful cossequences on organig life than you first thought.

I'm sending you a message from a non-S7 email to inform you that somehow, someone has gotten into our remote client database, and has also found your e-mail, as well as mine and Dr. Howard's. More alarmingly, these people seem to be civilians. I have done a little research into this and it seems that they have only been able to get A7 authorization, but this could change at any moment. I am requesting a password change, and possibly a lockdown of any A7 authorization accounts.

in regards to specimen AX9-8946-095U-1, attempt using lower amplitude of the "procedure".

this should help lessen the strains on the facilitys backup generators. do not underestimate the consequences of the reformating. you may now be the diffrence between sucess and failure of mr. alexander powers' job. they feed of latent energy of this planet. do not underestimate them. and be cautious of the design of the specimen. they are more than meets the eye.

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