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From: Dr. Rebecca Howard
To: Agent Alexander Powers
CC: Agent W. Snup
Date Received: Feb 2, 2007, 19:23 (MST)
You've asked why I have reservations about your latest directive to resume research on Project Maximum Shunt.

I guess I need to remind you about experimental procedure AX9-8946-095U-1, which ended in complete failure. At first, the test subject reacted as predicted, but after 3.92 seconds its response to the treatment became erratic, quickly turning violent and endangering the lives of several facility personnel.

Even with the protective chamber designed by R&D, the subject nearly escaped. After several attempts to contain the treated subject for further testing, we initiated a high-intensity EMP that rendered it inert. But not before it killed my lead researcher, James FARR. The amount of energy required to affect even this small subject nearly drained our backup generators.

I have attached video of the chamber and damage caused by the experiment. As I've said in the past, I ardently believe we're pushing too fast in this direction. We need to slow down before more lives are lost.

see attached video (link)

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